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Will’s Seller Reviews:
Just a small sample of ★★★★★ reviews from others who I’ve worked with.

Will Bateson is very knowledgeable, patient and reliable. His estimated the house value higher than other agents, but he sold the property at his estimated price and time frame. We highly recommend him.

Amy J.,

Will Bateson of Sidewalk Homes was wonderful throughout the entire process. He even negotiated a sale for much more than we expected. He was on top of every aspect of the sale. He is extremely honest, forthright, and friendly. I would hire him or recommend him in a heartbeat

David S.,

Will Bateson is the best! He was very patient, reassuring and confident we would sell our home while dealing with a nightmare HOA which made our home fall in and out of escrow 3x. He even marched to the HOA office with me - an angry pregnant lady at the time ;) , and my two wild toddlers to light a fire under their behinds to get us the proper paperwork we were due and he did all the talking for me along with my loud toddlers haha. He even carried our loaded stroller up the flight of stairs (with the help of another nice man) because who doesn’t have elevators?! Will was very easy to work with despite our not so pleasant predicament with our lousy HOA and did whatever he could do to help our home sell in a timely fashion without compromising what we thought our home was worth. He even helped us get rid of a few things we couldn’t fit into the moving truck last minute and extra trash which we were incredibly grateful for as we were moving across California that night. I would choose Will again in a heartbeat for our family’s buying/selling needs and would recommend him highly to all my family and friends!

Mark and Melissa S.,

Will Bateson is our "go-to" resource when advice and service are needed for real estate transactions. My sister, who lives in Rhode Island, and I jointly owned a home in Livermore. When we decided to sell, Will had two clients to please; I knew Will quite well and didn't consider another realtor. My sister, who had never met him, trusted my judgement. When it came to the closing details, my sister had many questions which I could not address. Will called her several times and clarified each and every question she had regarding the differing real estate laws between California and Rhode Island. He couldn't have been more helpful with this coast to coast transaction!

Sharon and Vaughn D.,

The guy is a master. He anticipated my every need, took care of things without bothering me with all the rigamarole, and made the process of selling my home seem effortless. I then bought a condo in Florida, and the real estate agents there are clueless, they made me spend unnecessary money, they gave me bad advice, and acted like they were passive advisors whose job was only to remind me to do all the legwork that, in California, Will Bateson did for me. Thanks, again, Will.

Michael G.,

We strongly recommend (5 Stars) Will Bateson. Will’s knowledge of the real estate market in the Bay Area was so important in creating a comfort zone for this first-time seller. His understanding of pricing, where the market is and what’s your true property value. His acumen of all the in’s and out’s in a market that creates anxiety for first-time buyers or sellers was outstanding. His personality and professionalism was able to keep us calm in stressful situations, anybody that can lift my wife’s spirits is alright with me. His knowledge kept us from making bad/poor decisions. End result, he was able to sell our home within days of open house, (twice) at 100% original asking price and Market value. If you are looking to sell or buying a home in the Bay Area and you need an honest professional person to talk to, call Will Bateson.

Terry and Anita J.,

It would be my pleasure to recommend Will Bateson to family, friend or anyone in the real estate market. Will has integrity, knows the local market, keeps the client in the loop, responds immediately and is happy to do so. Will also tracks all of the details of your buy or sale, which is extremely important. Will's judgement is sound. When he gives advice, he backs up his position with solid reasoning. On a personal level, Will is an honest and frank person and easy to deal with. For us, selling our home was significant, both financially and personally. In the end, you have to trust your agent. We trusted Will and we were not disappointed!

Perry C.,

Will Bateson from Sidewalk Homes helped me sell my house fast. I had already moved away from the area and he did everything he could to help. Meeting with inspectors and arranging to have trash removed and the yard cleaned. I highly recommend Will if your selling your home.

Elizabeth P.,

Will Bateson was great. Hung with me for a long time and worked with me on many things. though I wasn't buying another property he was there when I needed him. glad to have met him thru a few mutual friends three years ago. never had any pressure. I highly recommend him to everyone especially first time sellers, like me.

Sue M.,

I needed to make sure my home was in good hands when I sold it. I hired Will Bateson of Sidewalk Homes. That was a great decision! Will sold our home for more than asking price in about 2 weeks. Even more importantly, he minimized the stress by keeping in constant contact with us throughout the entire process. When you want something done right, hire a pro. Will Bateson is an absolute pro at selling houses.

Dale Turner
former mayor of Livermore

When I was trying to decide which real estate agent to pick I asked my father who sold real estate in the Sierras for 25 years. He had a good contact from Livermore who suggested Will Bateson of Sidewalk Homes. I am very glad he did because Will was more helpful and prepared than any I've worked with in real estate. He communicated frequently and was available at any time. He had good contacts for cleaning and repairs. We sold the place at a slightly higher price than we expected and it only took about a week from putting it up for sale to accepted offer.

Dave D.,

Will Bateson has helped us with the sale of several properties and the purchase of our own home, he is very knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

Dave and Sandy C.,

Will Bateson helped us sell our house as we were in the process of moving into another house. He is a good listener, gave us good advice, was easy to work with, and handled eventualities as they came up. He worked with us to strike the right balance and level-set our expectations to the market conditions in our local area. If you are looking for a realtor with local experience, we had a good experience with Will.

Ed W.,

Facts: Will Bateson was referred to me by a friend of mine, who just sold their home in San Jose for $120,000 over the asking price, with multiple offers. My home sold for 71,000 over the asking price, multiple offers, no contingency in 4 days. I feel Will's greatest strength is in his negotiation skills.  Although I know other realtors in the area, I feel no one could have done a better job. Process: The home I was selling had the original kitchen and baths from the 70's. Will was very helpful in guiding me with updates that would be helpful to the home sale. I replaced a carpet in the bedroom, 2 floors in the baths, new front landscaping needed to be done due to the drought. He made it clear to the buyer's agent that the house was for sale "as is", although he did not list it this way, so the buyer had the ability to get the financing they needed. Will also recommended staging the house. Will's strategy worked out very well for me. On day 3, I was very nervous, no offers yet. Will explained to me that similar to ebay, no one puts in an offer until the last minute. He was correct. All the offers came in at the last minute and all over asking price. Thanks Will.

Gloria M.,
San Jose

Will Bateson always has a smile on his face He sold our home in 33 days. Our open houses were nicely done with beautiful pictures and great advertising. Will loves Livermore you can see it in his passion to sell your home.

Pam and Bill H.,

Will Bateson has assisted my family in the purchase and selling of 4 homes. We found him to be extremely thorough down to the slightest detail. He was always accessible when we had questions or concerns. Will Bateson is a true professional!

Sabrina and Gary S.,

I have known and worked with Will Bateson for ten years. We have bought and sold five properties. I have recommended him to many others and he has represented them well with great success. His calm demeanor is I think his best quality. Your feedback is very important to him and he asks for it. Like others in his field he knows the business, but if you want a stress less and honest broker Will is your guy.

Norm and Sherrill M.,

Will Bateson is the finest, most knowledgeable real estate professional I have ever used. Short story - He sold my house for $126k over asking, with NO contingencies and a 28 day escrow. (And in case you're thinking he set the opening price too low, the same model house (but newly remodelled!) at the same starting price one street over sold for $40k less.) Will really knows what he is doing. Long story - Will walked me through the entire process; from start to finish I was never surprised or unaware of what was happening or unsure of what the next steps were going to be. As an example, we had an open house on a Sunday and the offer close day/time was Wednesday at 4. He made sure I knew that there probably weren't going to be offers before Wednesday, but not to worry as everyone typically waits until the last minute to submit offers, just like on Ebay. He was right, the offers came pouring in Wednesday afternoon as he promised. Our termite inspector found $14.5k in damages, Will negotiated no contingencies. I could not have asked for a better agent or real estate experience. This was easily the smoothest transaction I have ever been part of.

Dave and Linda S.,
Will’s Buyer Reviews:
Just a small sample of ★★★★★ reviews from recent buyers I’ve helped.

Will Bateson helped me to buy my first home. He made the process easy with email communication and docusign forms. He knew exactly what to do to make my offer appealing to the seller and wrote up some great counteroffers that I was really happy with. I never really had to worry about inspections or any of the final steps because he was able to take care of everything for me and kept me fully informed along the way. I would definitely use Will again in any of my future home buying or selling endeavors.

Michelle S.,

Will Bateson made buying a house in Livermore painless. I had never had a good experience with a real estate agent before, but he was excellent. He responded almost immediately to every question and took care of all the things we couldn't. I'd highly recommend him if you're buying a house.

Ryan P. and Nyssa H.,

Will Bateson helped us get our first home and we're so happy we reached out to him to be our agent. He was very responsive and listened to our concerns as well as answered our countless questions. Buying a new home can be a daunting process, and Will made us feel comfortable and never pressured us into making a decision we weren't 100% about. We are so happy with our purchase and know that it wouldn't have been possible in this market if Will hadn't been there to help us along the way. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants someone you can rely upon and trust. He is not only a great realtor, but also a wonderful person!

Ashley S.,

Will Bateson at Sidewalk Homes helped us thru ALL the steps of purchasing our new home. Even helping us with our lender when there were issues with the HOA. He was immediately responsive to our email questions during the closing process and very good at explaining the sometimes complicated processes. He made sure we had every document we needed to get our loan processed to complete the sale. You could really tell he had your best interests at heart. A very nice man and a very hard worker.

Nancy and Andy A.,

Will Bateson has helped us with the sale of several properties and the purchase of our own home, he is very knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

Sandy and Dave C.,

Will served as our agent during a recent home purchase. He offers an excellent alternative to Redfin. The Sidewalk Homes business model includes a competitive rebate along with providing a single point of contact. We appreciated that Will listened to our requirements and was not pushy. He will provide his input, but respects that decisions must be made by his clients. I would use his services again.

Mehul P.,

I have known and worked with Will Bateson for ten years. We have bought and sold five properties. I have recommended him to many others and he has represented them well with great success. His calm demeanour is I think his best quality. Your feedback is very important to him and he asks for it. Like others in his field he knows the business,but if you want a stressless and honest broker Will is your guy.

Norm and Sherrill M.,

We moved to Livermore from the Midwest during the summer which was a very difficult time for buyers. Will Bateson spent countless hours on the phone and via email educating and assisting us in our Livermore property search. He never gave up, even during a time when we were discouraged and the odds were against us. Eventually, we were able to buy a property in the neighborhood we really wanted to live. His vast knowledge of real estate and the local market, and his professionalism enables him to be successful for his clients. I would recommend Will to anyone wanting to buy or sell a property.

Jeff L.,

Will Bateson was an absolute joy to work with! After a very frustrating and long 10 month experience with another realtor Will was like a breath of fresh air. I met with Will on a Monday afternoon, that Saturday he showed us a home, and by the next Wednesday we had heard that we were the winning bid! 9 days! We closed in a month! Will made the whole process fun and easy! I will definitely be recommending him to anyone I know that is looking to purchase a home!

Lindsay R.,
San Lorenzo

Will Bateson did an excellent job helping us find our new home in a tough market. He was responsive to our needs and always had our best interests in mind. I would highly recommend Will for your real estate needs.

Myron and Michelle M.,